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A sexual assault can be incredibly traumatic, not just physically but also emotionally. While the personal injury justice system does not award damages to victims, a personal injury lawsuit may be an option to reduce some of the financial strain of overcoming your experience and seeking the medical care and support you need. A civil sexual assault attorney can help you file a lawsuit to fight for the compensation you deserve as you take back control and work to move forward.


Florida takes sex offenses very seriously with stiff penalties if you are convicted. These offenses carry some of the harshest penalties under Florida law which allows for life-changing penalties. A sex offense conviction can carry not only legal but social penalties and limit your ability to find housing and gainful employment. Unfortunately, cases involving sex crimes are typically very complicated. If you have been charged with a sex crime, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced sex crimes defense attorney in Florida as soon as possible to defend your reputation and protect your legal rights.


For most people, a cruise is the ultimate getaway with the perfect mix of excitement, adventure, and relaxation on the beach. Every year, tens of thousands of people enjoy cruise vacations leaving Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale and the Port of Miami. Unfortunately, some return with serious injuries.


Weapons and firearms charges are common in Florida and carry stiff penalties. Under Florida law, some people are not allowed to legally own or possess a firearm. Even if you are legally allowed to have a gun, there are restrictions on where it can be taken. If you are charged with a firearms and weapons charge, you may be subject to a mandatory prison sentence if convicted under the 10/20/Life statute and punishments are even more severe if you have a criminal record.

Sealing and Expungement

Individuals that have been arrested for crimes can find it difficult to move on with their lives. Arrest records can keep you from gainful employment, renting a home, make you unable to obtain certification or special licenses, and create many other problems.