With year-round great weather, it’s no surprise that so many people in Florida choose to get around by not only car but also motorcycle, electric scooter, and motorized scooter. Many people, including tourists, even turn to scooter rentals like Lime for convenience. While a scooter can be a fun and affordable way to get around the city, there are many dangers to scooters and accidents are on the rise.

If you have been injured in a scooter accident and believe another driver or even the scooter manufacturer or rental company could be to blame, it’s important to contact an experienced scooter accident injury attorney to explore your legal rights.

fort lauderdale
electric scooter rules

Electric scooters are fairly new and appearing in cities across the United States. Fort Lauderdale is one of just a handful of cities to establish rules for riders and require permits for companies like Bolt, Bird, and Lime that distribute scooters in the city.

Under Fort Lauderdale’s rules, scooter riders are required to obey traffic laws, including yielding to pedestrians, leaving at least four feet of space on the sidewalk when parking the scooter, and avoiding blocking business entrances, wheelchair ramps, and fire hydrants.

the dangers of electric
and motor scooters

Both motorized and electric scooters can pose a number of risks to riders as well as pedestrians. Some of the biggest dangers of scooters include:


Liability in a scooter accident in Florida can be complicated by many factors, including the fact that motorized scooters and electric scooters are not “motor vehicles” under the law and many parties may be to blame for an accident.


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